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because it helps to remember this every now and then.

Also did anybody else notice that they removed the “Elton John’s AIDS foundation” logo from Miley’s picture? Fuckin’ agendas everywhere….

I literally threw a mini fit

The fact that they even touched up the woman in the BACKGROUND of the Selena Gomez pic is crazy.

I’ve said this every time it comes on my dash but please also notice that a lot of the women get photoshopped lighter.

this makes me fucking sick

is nobody going to comment on how they removed miley cyrus’s arm

like sure they made her look skinny but she’s mISSING AN ARM

Who is Enrico Francis and why is he mentioned in all the pics?

it’s probably the fashion line or company that had all these photos edited for a magazine or something
this was the second time i looked through these and the first time I say they made a lot of them lighter skinned, and that really really really bothers me

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